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Village of Greenup Ordinances

Application for Golf Cart, All-Terrain Utility Vehicle, or Motorized Bicycle Permit
Village of Greenup Zoning
Title 17: Section, 17.04, Mobile Homes — House Trailers
Ordinance #721
An Ordinance Amending The Village's Personnel Policy And Procedures Handbook Regarding Insurance And Retirement.
Ordinance #722
An Ordinance Of The Village Of Greenup, Cumberland County, Illinois Authorizing The Execution Of A New Power Sales Contract With The Illinois Municipal Electric Agency For The Delivery Period Commencing October 1, 2015.
Ordinance #723
An Ordinance Amending The Regulation Of Open Burning & Disposal Of Brush In The Village Of Greenup, Illinois
Resolution 2024-3
A Resolution Declaring That The Village Of Greenup, Illinois Will Not Spend Or Accept Local Tax Dollars On The Immigration Crisis For Migrant And/Or Asylum Seekers Entering The Village Of Greenup, Illinois
Open Burning & Disposal of Brush
Open Burning & Disposal of Brush in the Village of Greenup, as amended by Ordinance #723 dated 4/1/2024.
Liquor License & Control
Liquor License & Control Rules/Regulations
Video Gaming Regulations
Video Gaming Regulations of the Village of Greenup
Ordinance #724
An Ordinance Authorizing The Disposition of Surplus Property
Ordinance #725
An Ordinance Amending Title 13 Of The Village Code With Respect To Public Utilities.
Ordinance #726
An Ordinance Vacating Village Right-Of-Way On Pine Court In The Prairie Pines Subdivision.
Ordinance #727
An Annual Appropriation Ordinance For The Village of Greenup, Illinois
Ordinance #728
An Ordinance Amending Section 5.04 Of The Village Code With Respect To Liquor License And Controll

Application for Liquor License

Village of Greenup Application for Liquor License

Municipal Building Reservation

Municipal Building Reservation

Solicitors/Peddlers Registration

Solicitors/Peddlers Registration Form

Village of Greenup Utility Forms

Application For Residential Utility Service
Application for Utility Service
Automatic WIthdrawl (ACH) Enrollment Form for Utility Payment

Freedom Of Information Act

FOIA Policy
FOIA Waiver From
FOIA Request Form
Police Dept. FOIA Waiver Form