Tourism & Attractions

Tourism & Attractions Greenup, IL


Cameo Vineyards

400 Mill Road
Greenup, IL 62428

Cameo Vineyards has nearly 4,000 French-American hybrid grapevines, covering close to seven acres. They crush approximately 35 tons of Illinois grapes each year and produce 14 varieties of wine, from dry to sweet, in reds, whites and blushes.

Tuesday – Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday: Noon-5 p.m.

Cumberland County Historical & Genealogical Society

PO Box 582
Greenup, IL 62428

The Cumberland County Historic and Genealogical Society maintains records and assists with the preservation of local history in Cumberland County. The historic society is housed in the Johnson Building, where there are wonderfully crafted exhibits of life in Cumberland County, including information on favorite sons, Dick and Jerry VanDyke, who lived in Cumberland County before moving to Danville, Illinois.

Information related to Abraham Lincoln, Greenup’s historic architecture, and the National Road is tastefully displayed. A new addition, called the War Room, houses information related to our many Cumberland County veterans who have sacrificed their jobs, families, and lives in the defense of our nation, dating from the Mexican War through the present conflict in Iraq.

Greenup Depot

Greenup, IL 62428

The Historic Greenup Depot has been serving the community since 1870. Located on the Historic National Road, the building itself has served the Terre Haute and Vandalia railroad (better known as the Vandalia Line), the Pennsylvania, the Penn-Central, and the Illinois Central.  Although the Depot has been moved from its original location, it is a pleasant reminder of a bygone era and is rich with antiques and railroading history. 211 Cumberland Street The Greenup Depot is open year round (Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter excluded).

11:30 AM – 4:00 PM (Thursday – Sunday)
Admission: Free (Donations accepted)

Illinois Military Museum

101 N. Mill Street
Greenup, IL 62428

The Cumberland County Military Museum was established to honor veterans from Cumberland County who sacrificed their jobs, families, and lives in the defense of a way of life, in battles from the Mexican War through the present conflicts in the Middle East. The museum recording studio and viewing room were designed to record oral history about the lives and military service of local veterans and the stories of individuals, events, and places in the County. Moreover, the Cumberland County Military Museum displays military photos, clothing, documents, posters and other artifacts to give new appreciation and a gesture of gratitude to those who served, fought, and died for freedom and justice. 

Open by appointment.

Jackson Truss Covered Bridge

Greenup, IL 62428

The original wooden span was constructed in 1832, but was washed out in 1865. Ferry service provided crossing until a steel replacement was constructed in 1875. Unfortunately, that bridge was also washed out in 1912. Again, intermittent ferry service served the area until 1920 when a 3-span girder bridge was completed.

In 1996, the eastern pier was severely damaged due to flooding. Cumberland County applied for a grant to construct a historic looking covered bridge to replace the damaged one. The end result is the Jackson Truss Covered spans over the Embarras River on Cumberland Road, which is part of the Old National Road.

Today, you can walk across the bridge and see the inside. Near the parking lot, there is an observation deck that lets you see the river rush under the bridge. There is a information board, with the history of the bridges that have spanned across the river. There is a parking lot along Highway 40 and there is a walking trail to the bridge, or you can park in the parking lot on Cumberland Road.