(217) 923-3424

Staff and Contact Information

The Village of Greenup is a non-home rule unit, which operates under a President and Board of Trustee form of government.  The Village Council is comprised of the Mayor, Village Clerk and six trustees who are elected for four-year terms.  The Village Treasurer and the Department Heads are all appointed with the consent of the Village Council.

Greenup Village Hall
115 E. Cumberland St.
P.O. Box 246
Greenup, IL 62428

Mayor & Village Trustees

Thomas A. Bauguss

Alene Blade
Max McCullough
Sherry Parker
Justin Roley
April Harris
Tony Wright

Village Clerk
Jill Kimble
(217) 923-3401
Fax: (217) 923-3424

Village Treasurer
Kay Hornbeck
(217) 923-3401
Fax: (217) 923-3424

Robyn Edwards
(217) 923-3401
Fax: (217) 923-3424

Patricia Corder

Staffing Personnel

Superintendent of Utilities
Michael Ryder (Interim)
(217) 923-3827 or (217) 923-3401

Utility Personnel
Michael Ryder
John Welbaum
Daniel Finley
Steve Brown
Lance Holsapple
Hunter Scales

Chief of Police
Ethan Wicke
(217) 923-5555 – Police Department

Police Officers
Chasity Moses
Collin Gardner
Josh Brandenburg

Ambulance Coordinator
Patricia Corder
(217) 923-3951 – Ambulance Service

Village Attorney
John O’Driscoll
Erik Peck
Tressler LLP
Phone: (630) 343-5209

Village 2021/2022 Committees

Park/Building – *McCullough, Harris, Wright

Water/Sewer and Gas – *Harris, Blade, Wright

Personnel – *Wright, Harris, McCullough

Finance – *Roley, Blade, McCullough

Economic Development – *McCullough, Blade, Roley

Electric – *Blade, Harris, Parker

Street/Alley – *Parker, Roley, Wright

Gas –  *Roley, Blade, McCullough

Police & Ambulance – *Wright, McCullough, Parker

Code Review –  *Blade, Parker, Roley

* Denotes Chairperson