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The Village Hall and Municpal Building in Greenup houses the following offices:
Village Clerk, Collector, Treasurer, Ambulance, Greenup Fire Protection District, Greenup Township and the Greenup Police Department.

Hours of operation for the Village of Greenup Clerk's Office is Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The Municpal Building Auditorium is also located here and is used for community and personal events.
For information and application form for Auditorium Reservation and fees, click here.


Village Ordinances
Listed below are four Village of Greenup Ordinances you should be familiar with. For more information on other ordinances within the Village of Greenup, inquire with the Village Clerk.

Village of Greenup Ordinances

Ordinance No: 417 - Authorizing the operation of golf carts on Village of Greenup streets
Ordinance No: 449 - Admendment to Ordinance No. 417
Ordinance No: 450 - Authorizing the operation of all-terrain utility vehicles on streets of the Village of Greenup
Ordinance No: 563 - Admendment to Ordinance No. 415
Ordinance No: 564 - Admendment to Ordinance No. 417

Application for All-Terrain Vehicle License

Tailer Ordinance - Title 17: Section, 17.04, Mobile Homes -- House Trailers

Village of Greenup Holiday Observances
New Year's Day,
Memorial Day,
Independence Day,
Labor Day,
Veteran's Day,
Day after Thanksgiving,
Christmas Eve,
Christmas Day,
New Year's Eve
The week of Fair, Utility Department and Clerk's Office will close at 12:00 pm.

The Village Council
The Village Council meets formally on days set by Council at 6:00 p.m.  The Mayor and each Trustee is responsible for administering the functions of a certain department.  The departments are: Health, Finance, Street and Alley, Sewer and Water, Electricity, Building and grounds, Gas, and Law and Order.  The Village Clerk is responsible for all personnel functions pertaining to the Village.

Greenup Village Hall
115 E. Cumberland St.
P.O. Box 246
Greenup, IL 62428

2017 Village of Greenup Board Meeting Schedule
Council Chambers, Municipal Building - 6:00 PM

Thursday - January 05, 2017
Thursday- February 02, 2017
Thursday- March 02, 2017
Monday - April 03, 2017
Wednesday - May 03, 2017
Monday - June 05, 2017
Wednesday - July 05, 2017
Thursday - August 03, 2017
Tuesday - September 05, 2017
Monday - October 02, 2017
Thursday - November 02, 2017
Thursday - December 07, 2017
Pursuant to the requirement under 5 ILCS120/7.3, Pulbic Act 97-0606 of the Open Meeting Act, information regarding the employer's duty to post information pertaining the benefits can be accessed at the VIllage of Greenup Clerk's office, 115 E. Cumberland St., Greenup, IL. The office of the Village Clerk is open Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:30 pm.

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