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Download Available Forms

Below you will find downloadable forms from the Village of Greenup, IL. These documents can be downloaded and printed. Once printed, fill out the information required and deliver or mail document to the appropriate recipient.

All documents are viewable with Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Freedom of Information Act Forms

FOIA Policy
FOIA Request Form
FOIA Waiver Form

Liquor License Application

Download Village of Greenup Application for Liquor License

Municipal Building Reservation

Download Greenup Municipal Building Reservation Form

Solicitors/Peddlers Registration Form

Village of Greenup Solicitation Registration Form.

Village of Greenup Ordinances

Ordinance No: 417 - Authorizing the operation of golf carts on Village of Greenup streets
Ordinance No: 449 - Admendment to Ordinance No. 417
Ordinance No: 450 - Authorizing the operation of all-terrain utility vehicles on streets of the Village of Greenup
Ordinance No: 524 - Establishing Video Gaming Regulations in the Village of Greenup
Ordinance No: 526 - Admending the Liquor License and Control Ordinance
Application for All-Terrain Vehicle License

Vilage of Greenup Zoning - Title 17: Section, 17.04, Mobile Homes -- House Trailers

Village of Greenup Utility Forms

Application for Residential Utility Service
Application for Utility Service
Automatic Transfer Authorization Form

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